The Best of 2012, & What Will Determine the Best in 2013

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Can you believe 2012 is over in less than a week?  The last few weeks have been jam-packed with power-planning for what I want to create in 2013, ideas for growth, and new exciting things I can offer to you guys.  And many of you are probably in the same boat, working out your resolutions, to-do lists, and career-focused goals for the New Year.  Nothing ramps up that goal-setting momentum like a fresh start to a New Year.  Here are just some of my predictions for the New Year that might help you prepare yourself as you’re setting those all-important action items:

  • Personal Branding is going to be more important than ever, and delivering it in a creative way is going to be a focus for many job seekers (more on that in the next post).
  • The best resumes focus around a fine-crafted narrative that tells the story around your professional brand, versus simply stating the obvious.
  • Employers will look favorably upon those actively tapping into thought leadership, & who are creating and curating original, intelligent and relevant content.
  • The most marketable candidates bring a variety of skill sets to the table (from freelancing, changing careers, etc.), and are particularly good at packaging and presenting them in a way that’s relevant and valuable to the organization, role and industry to which they’re applying.

So in thinking about personal branding, marketing, and the different topics and trends that are going to ring loudly on the radars of hiring managers in 2013, I’ve compiled my favorite, and best posts from 2012 that get into the nitty gritty of why these things are so important, and how you can strategize around positioning yourself for success in January:

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That’s about it!  Wishing you a safe, happy and abundant New Year, and see you in 2013!