3 Ways LinkedIn is Connecting Small Businesses With Top Talent

3 Ways LinkedIn is Connecting Small Businesses With Top Talent-– Brooklyn Resume Studio – Career Coaching, Resume Writing, LinkedIn Profile Development, Social Media & Job Search Strategy Tools

Many companies are putting effort and resources into their LinkedIn presence, and working with their team members to build out their own profiles. Why? Because LinkedIn is an excellent way for companies to showcase the level of talent they employ, and highlight their culture.

Companies have a lot to gain by creating a collective presence on LinkedIn that includes, and even focuses around, their existing employees:

Increased Visibility Helps Keep Your Organization on People’s Radars

Creating a branded company page increases your organization’s visibility, giving it more power to appear in search queries, provide information on job openings, growth, new hires, current and past team members, and other happenings.  It’s also an opportunity to stay front and center on people’s radars by sharing news about recent projects or work, changes in the organization, and other noteworthy events through the newsfeed.  While the page can stand alone and still appear in search results, company pages are built around cultivating a targeted following which makes the receipt of the information far more impactful to an audience that’s engaged and intereted.

Past & Present Employees Provide an Essential Link to New Talent

LinkedIn users can link their own accounts back to the company page when they list the organization as a past or current employer.  Where I list Brooklyn Resume Studio as my current employer, you’ll see my profile not only displays the company logo, but also provides a direct link back to the company page.  So current and former employees are serving as potential connectors between your organization and other peers within their network.  This creates huge potential for building visibility and attracting new talent when they come in contact with your organization through a colleague, friend, or connection’s profile, wherein they might not have had that same exposure elsewhere.

It Showcases the Culture & Caliber of Your Workforce

A LinkedIn company page allows users to see who within the organization has a LinkedIn profile, based upon the organization being listed in their profile as a past or present employer.  I find most companies I work with actually favor the idea of helping their employees build a strong LinkedIn profile because it serves as a way for the organization to showcase the caliber of people they work with, hire, and who make up their company culture.  It’s a direct reflection on the organization when you illustrate the level of expertise and talent that makes up your workforce.  This can be invaluable for smaller organizations competing with bigger companies for top talent, and help with recruiting efforts by creating a positive image around the company, the brand, and the culture of people who make up the staff and culture.

The benefits of a cohesive LinkedIn brand presence for small businesses run deeper than simply setting up a company page and calling it a day.  It opens up a critical link to new talent, an expanded means of recruiting and promoting job openings, and acts as a platform to promote and showcase an organization’s reputation, culture, and values.

While it’s a tight job market out there, for many industries like tech and creative where staying on the cutting edge of the industry requires hiring and retaining teams that exemplify innovation and creativity, employers have to work just as hard to attract quality talent.

The first step to getting to the front of the recruiting line?  A digital presence that communicates to both passive and active candidates that “We are a company you want to work for, a team you want to work with, and a culture you want to be part of.  And here’s why.”

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