Do Infographic Resumes Really Work?

Infographic resumes have become a popular trend among job seekers. You may recall the viral posting of former Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer, a vibrant mashup of purple icons and imagery meant to convey a compelling visual story. Alas – it was neither Marissa Mayer’s resume, nor would it have landed her an interview. This is […]

3 Different Ways to Approach Your Job Search

There are multiple ways to approach your job search, and they don’t necessarily have to start with a clearly defined job description. Job seekers often tell me that their biggest challenges are around establishing their starting point and strategy – What am I looking for, and how do I find it? While everyone’s career goals […]

My Proven Formula for Writing a Great Cover Letter

Q: What is the most effective formula or strategy for writing a great cover letter? A: Writing a solid cover letter comes down to a few key points: who your audience is, what kind of information is important to them, and the best way of communicating that visually and verbally On top of that, communicating a strong message […]

Q&A: How to Address Being Let Go From Your Job

Q: How do I address being laid off in a resume, cover letter, or on an interview? I was let go recently, not due to performance issues, and I’m concerned about how to communicate this to potential employers in a way that doesn’t make me look bad. A: The first question to address is that the […]

How Long Should I Wait to Follow Up After a Job Interview?

Q: How long should I wait to follow up with a potential employer after a job interview? A: You’ve just aced the interview. Whether a phone conversation or an in-person meeting, your immediate priority should be to follow up with a thank you letter to the interviewer(s) thanking them for their time, and also reaffirming your […]

How to Build a Strong Personal Brand

In today’s digitally-driven job market, it’s more important than ever to build a strong personal brand presence that communicates your story across all relevant social and online profiles. And your personal brand isn’t limited to just the online space – it also includes your resume, cover letter, and any other materials you might be using […]