4 Job Search Tips to Stay Competitive During the Holidays

Next week is the Thanksgiving holiday for those of us residing here in the US. Right around this time each year, the impending holiday season prompts the conversation, “Should I press pause on my job search during the holidays … or keep looking?” Does hiring slow down after late November? Yes – hiring does traditionally […]

4 Things to Do Now to Set You Up for Job Search Success in January

The holiday season is stressful enough without the added burden of handling unemployment, underemployment, or general dissatisfaction with your job, career, or job search results. Many of us are overspending, overworking, overplanning, and under-relaxing. I’ve never been a supporter of the idea that you should slack off on managing your career during the weeks leading up […]

How to Get HR to Notice You When Changing Careers

An article published by The Balance Careers examined how the average professional is likely to change careers up to 7 times in their lifetime, as reported by the US Department of Labor. How you define “career change” can vary. From switching employers or industries, to focusing on an entirely different specialty. Even changing to a […]

How to Follow Up on an Interview or Resume Submission

Effective communication is a key component of the job search process – from how you present your qualifications on the resume, to your performance in the interview, to following up after the interview process Timely Follow Up After the Interview is Critical How you communicate with your peers, customers, and managers can impact your job […]

What’s Taking So Long to Hear Back from HR?

One of the biggest frustrations I hear from job seekers is what’s taking so long to hear back from HR after submitting their resume to a job posting. The job search process can be a lengthy one, full of variables, scheduling considerations, and multiple parties involved. This causes a lot of anxiety for job seekers […]

Why Haven’t I Heard Back From HR?

In a digitally-driven job market, having answers and information at the click of a button has become a standard. Unfortunately, that’s not quite how it works when it comes to hiring and human resources. The job searching process has often been referred to as one of “hurry up and wait”, causing frustration and anxiety to […]

7 Steps to Create a Winning Resume

There is a lot of competing information out there on what makes an effective resume. While technology and digital media have given way to more and more non-traditional self-marketing platforms like LinkedIn, video resumes, social media, and the like, the traditional resume remains the standard tool for job seekers. What Has Changed in Resume Writing? […]

How to Show Your Accomplishments on Your Resume

Communicating your accomplishments on a resume can be challenging, particularly if you’re in a role that doesn’t have a direct impact on the numbers, or that isn’t metrics-driven. Resumes are less about detailing your day-to-day responsibilities and more about telling an impactful story around how your role and your work positively impacted the organization. For […]