7 Steps to Create a Winning Resume

There is a lot of competing information out there on what makes an effective resume. While technology and digital media have given way to more and more non-traditional self-marketing platforms like LinkedIn, video resumes, social media, and the like, the traditional resume remains the standard tool for job seekers. What Has Changed in Resume Writing? […]

How to Show Your Accomplishments on Your Resume

Communicating your accomplishments on a resume can be challenging, particularly if you’re in a role that doesn’t have a direct impact on the numbers, or that isn’t metrics-driven. Resumes are less about detailing your day-to-day responsibilities and more about telling an impactful story around how your role and your work positively impacted the organization. For […]

Will Having a LinkedIn Presence Really Make a Difference in My Job Search?

Q: Will having a LinkedIn profile improve my chances of getting a job? A: Over 95% of recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to source and connect with top talent. And with a network of over 500 million users, LinkedIn is the leading online professional networking resource and a standard across all industries for building a […]

5 Reasons You Need a LinkedIn Profile

Over 95% of hiring managers in the US are utilizing LinkedIn in some format for recruiting, qualifying, and hiring purposes, whether it’s sourcing candidates directly via the search function, or advertising job openings on the job board or within related industry groups. Are you listed?

Can Your LinkedIn Profile Replace Your Resume?

Having a strong LinkedIn and digital presence is key to the success of your job search. It boosts your visibility to hiring managers and recruiters. It provides a valuable opportunity to connect with industry peers. And gives access to relevant job opportunities through LinkedIn’s job board and industry groups. But make no mistake, LinkedIn is a […]

3 Infographic Resumes that are ATS Compliant

An Infographic resume won’t necessarily help you get noticed by hiring managers. It may even hinder your job search efforts. One of the biggest challenges with infographic resumes is that they are generally not ATS compliant. The format and presentation of the resume may prevent the Applicant Tracking System from accurately reading your resume, and […]

Choose Powerful, Descriptive Words to Boost Your Resume

The purpose of the resume is to make a strong first impression, by highlighting your most relevant skills, experience, and knowledge. It should be impactful, concise, and provide your reader with a clear message as to why you are qualified for the role. Hiring managers scan hundreds of resumes for each job description, and no one wants […]

How to Ask for a Recommendation on LinkedIn

Many people gloss over the importance of recommendations on LinkedIn as a key component of building a solid profile and attracting hiring managers’ attention. Asking for endorsements of your work can be a challenging process, and awkward at times. Fortunately, LinkedIn’s functionality lessens the difficulty and turns it into a streamlined method for leveraging your […]