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The resume you created was fantastic! I went from getting zero call backs – to going on more interviews than I can even keep up with.
Alan L., Entertainment & Media

I received 2 great job interviews within 4 weeks and a new job in 6 weeks! I’d been following Brooklyn Resume Studio on LinkedIn for a long time, loved reading the helpful tips, and decided to use one of the resume templates available on the website. As an HR professional myself, I was impressed with how easy it was to input my skills into the template and was equally impressed at the finished product.
Erin E., Human Resources

I can’t recommend Dana and her team highly enough. I worked with BRS 3 years ago on resume revamping and redesign as I was relocating cross country. Since then, onIy good fortune has come my way. I felt more confident to reach for increasingly higher positions of responsibilities.
Patty M., Executive Admin

I have only been seriously looking for a job for about 2 months and I can tell you how many times I have been complemented on my resume and Linked In profile – Dawid did a tremendous job. Its nice to be in a position to decline offers!
Sean M., Security & Law Enforcement

It was a pleasure and I have recommended a couple of friends to your company who I am sure will be contacting your firm. Your timeliness and diligence was impressive and the fee was reasonable.
Michael D., Legal

I work in an incredibly competitive industry – at any point, there may be 1 or 2 opportunities around the world that match my specific skill set. The resume and LinkedIn profile that BRS created has led to interviews I never would have received in the past. Just this week I was offered my ideal role. Invest in your future with Brooklyn Resume Studio!
Scott R., Hospitality

Brooklyn Resume Studio did an absolutely amazing job. My resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile needed a serious makeover. They truly went above and beyond. From our initial call, through the very last edit, I knew I had made a great choice in working with Brooklyn Resume Studio and would gladly do so again.
John M., Entertainment

I’m very impressed with the quality of work [Allison] provided on my updated resume version. The work you provided now allows me to think larger and promote myself as a brand without hesitation. You really honed in and drove home the skill sets… Thank you for your vision and professionalism on this quality work.
A.M., Education

BRS was great to work with. Providing years of experience as a recruiter was invaluable in putting together a very comprehensive and compact resume. They were also very easy to work with, when submitting changes or asking for advice. The process does take some time, but it’s clear that there’s a ton of focus on each individual piece. Well worth the investment.
Louis O., Marketing & Advertising

Dana was fantastic! She responded quickly to my emails and her phone consultation was direct yet also personable – she asked the right questions about my career and was also easy to talk to. The work she did for my CV and cover letter was fantastic. She took a 9 page disorganized CV to an easily digestible 6 pages with fantastic formatting. She worked with several revisions of my CV and cover letter with ease. Would highly recommend!
Michael S., Medicine

At the close of a major project with my biotech firm, I decided it was time to maximize and diversify my experience after 10 years of internal succession within my company. After finding Brooklyn Resume Studio, I literally screamed at my desk. The layout and professionalism was just what I had hoped for. With an aggressive timeline Dana was able to far exceed my expectations and tailored my Resume/LinkedIn package for an international market. I’m now confident to apply for positions that in the past, I may have thought were out of reach.
Rochelle F., Biotech

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help on revamping my resume. As soon as the resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter were made, I received a number of call backs. I think the total count was 12 phone interviews and 5 in-person. I ended up taking an opportunity because of your work! Your work was exceptional, and it gave me results that was more than I imagined.
Paul S., Financial Services

Great experience overall. I’m actually excited to start applying for jobs (file that under – things I never expected to hear myself say)! Dana took my documents from student/amateur status to professional. I honestly didn’t think it was possible. I had put off hiring someone for a long time thinking, “I have no experience, what could they possibly add?” She answered that question with ease.
Andrew W., Graphic Designer, NY

I’ve never been a believer in blind-applying to a company with no contacts. I’ve tried it in the past and it’s never worked. Since you redid my resume, I started blind applying and I got tons of phone interviews! One said she picked my resume out of a stack of 400. Today I got offered a job and I’m so excited. Thank you so, so much for your help. It was a great career investment to work with you.
M.J., Program Manager, NY

Thank you for all of your help, you did an amazing job on my resume!!! I start next week with a commercial engineering firm… It’s exactly what I was looking for – a step in the next direction.
D.M., Engineer, NY

Just wanted to pat you on the back. Thanks to your excellent work on the resume, things are heating up for me. First interview is Monday!
Kurt P., Chief Information Security Officer, NY

Just a quick note to say thanks very much for masterfully improving my resume, and assisting me with the development of my professional brand. I grew confident right away from our first conversation that you were the person that could help me with my resume. You have done an excellent job at listening to my wants and needs and transferring that into a product that I had envisioned. What you have been able to do for me was amazing and I was able to reap the benefits of your work almost instantaneously.

If you want to have the best resume and have top shelf professional branding than reach out to Brooklyn Resume Studio. Their work is second to none and I am sure you will feel the same way that I do once you see the final product.”
Kareem J., Data Center Architect, NY

I started sending out my resume two weeks ago, and so far I have had three interviews. I hope to have something soon, so thank you very much!
J.B., Education Administrator, NY

It was such an eye-opening experience to work with you! You were able to understand what my resume was saying to recruiters, and help me highlight what I wanted it to communicate. I loved that you were direct, honest, detailed, and incredibly efficient. I am currently in the interview process for a job at a global architecture firm, and I don’t think I would have even gotten a call back without your assistance!
Danielle E, Designer, Project Manager, NY

Great work. I got call backs within two weeks, and my new job is six figures now.
Kate L., Sales & Marketing, NY

I had used a resume writing service in the past and was somewhat pleased with the results; However after reviewing the package (cover letter, resume, and Linkedin update) that Dana provided, there was no comparison. Dana provided me a package that was beautifully composed and written in a crisp clean contemporary fashion that speaks to the current marketplace. Dana was a delight to work with and went beyond only offering her writing skills, but offered great job search/interviewing advice that has been invaluable. I most definitely will be returning to Dana for my next update!
Darrin O., Fashion, Operations Manager, CA

With your help I feel much more comfortable sending out my resume. Your suggestions and formatting made all the difference.
Leslie P., Non-Profit Administrator, NYC

Dana was an absolute pleasure to work with. I was in the midst of a life and career change when I found Dana and asked her to help me craft a new resume. Dana’s prior professional experience in HR, her creativity, ability to really listen and give thoughtful expression to my skills gave me the confidence (and gorgeous resume!) to go forth and conquer! I am just beginning my job search, and am thrilled with my new resume and professional profile
Kate M., Culinary Entrepreneur, Digital Media Manager, PA

Dana quickly, succinctly and beautifully reworked my resume. It now reflects my skill set in a modern, clean professional way. She was adept at phrasing my responsiblities and my core skills so that they are easy to read and stand out quite effectively. I would highly recommend her.
Barbara D., Digital Media Executive, NY

One of Dana’s obvious strengths is her ability to listen to what you’re saying and translate your experience and skills into a cohesive personal brand that really comes through in the resume. With attention to detail, timely follow up and turnaround, and professionalism, Dana helped me update and transform my resume, web site bio and LinkedIn presence so they were consistent, and more importantly, effective. Her experience working with high-level career professionals proved valuable in understanding what elements would make my resume truly stand out in the market. Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time
Cynthia S., Sr. Art Director, MA

Dana is the overall package of professionalism and solid execution. She diligently worked with me despite my crazy schedule to get the final products in a quick turn around time that didn’t sacrifice quality. My success story? Not too long after our first edit, I submitted my new resume to a company that eventually became a new freelance gig! The confidence in my own skills and experience on paper would have been void if it hadn’t been for Dana. I will recommend her to colleagues and anyone else willing to take one step closer to success.
Melissa E., Writer, NYC

Since you worked on my resume, I was recently offered and accepted a position with the company whose job description that I sent to you as an example! I was also asked to interview for another technical sales position. I am very glad that I contacted you about my resume and feel that the changes that you made were critical in getting the attention of the recruiter and hiring manager.
Robin S., Sales, NYC

Dana put together for me a terrific Infographic and Cover Page! They both are professional looking and perfectly matched to my type of business. I found her to be very courteous, cheerful and inspirational and I definitely recommend her!
Amanda B., Floral Designer, NYC

I ended following your advice after we spoke on the phone, and accepted the job a few days later… After speaking with you I was better able to understand my value. I really want to thank you again for the time you took to talk to me. You really did have a helping hand in molding my career and making it’s path for future growth solid.
Marie B., User Experience Designer, NYC

I haven’t used a resume for 13 years – so I had no idea where to begin. Dana did an amazing job not only bringing it up to date, but making it look clean and professional. I’m anxious to use it and start my new career!
Shana B., Project Manager, NYC

BRS impressed me with their dedication, professionalism, and work ethic. But what I like the most about her, is their ability to listen and truly care about their clients and their needs. I appreciate the opportunity to recommend BRS.
Felicia R., Non-Profit Professional, NYC

Dana was great – and talk about fast turn around! My new resume looks great, and perhaps even more, the experience of working with Dana (the conversation I had with her before and the new layout I now have) really helped to focus me in terms of my job search. I think I came out of the process with a clearer sense of what I have to offer. Thanks!
Jeni M., Playwright & Artistic Director, NYC

I hired Dana to rewrite my resume, and she was great throughout the process. She asked good questions, was responsive and open to my feedback, and her editing and writing made a big difference on my resume.
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
Anastasia C., U/X Designer, NYC

The day after you finished up my resume, I submitted it to a job with the NYC Dept of Ed. Got a call the next day, went through the process, and I’m happy to report I’m starting on Monday! So I just wanted to give you a big thanks for your help.
John G., Instructional Technologist, NYC

Thank you for all of your hard work and translating our telephone conversation to a resume that accurately reflects my skills, talents, and career objective.
Tiffany M., Advertising Professional, NYC

Dana took my [resume] materials and transformed them quite literally, overnight! Working with her was seamless & her attention to detail is fantastic.
Marla K., Actress/Singer, NYC

Dana Leavy is professional, fast and really great! She just helped me re-do my resume after 15 years. I recommend her and the other services she offers at her company.
Judy S., Psychology Professional, NY

Dana is dedicated and reliable. A great connection and fun to work with.
Melissa D., Multimedia Specialist, Boston

Dana is an expert in the creative field and a professional who reacts appropriately to make sure that she is meeting the customer’s needs in a manner that is consistent with the customer’s timelines. She is a very open, honest and dependable person, it is a pleasure to work with her.
Kim D., Human Resources Manager, Boston

As an artist, designer and musician, Dana brings a unique perspective to her role. She fully understands the skills required to complete a client project and is able to conduct legitimate and meaningful discovery with them to help them accomplish their goals. She is able to interact with talent in a credible manner that gives them confidence.
Tim M., Artist, Musician & Entrepreneur, Boston

Dana was an incredible resource. Of all the places I went to, she was the most successful. She helped me find the perfect job. I always recommend Dana to everyone who is looking for work in my field.
Anibal C., Art Director/Designer, Boston

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