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THE PROCESS: Every engagement starts off with an initial Intake Interview to discuss your challenges, target opportunities, professional history, and career objectives in depth, so we can craft your narrative and deliver a compelling message around your value, experience, accomplishments, and expertise. Your portfolio is created with 6 key elements in mind to maximize impact: Branding, Message, Voice, Target Audience, Design, and Readability.

THE INTERVIEW: The initial interview typically lasts 60 to 75 minutes, during which time we will discuss your current employment situation and goals, walk through an in-depth discovery process, and set our strategy for moving forward. We discuss key topics including:

  • Current challenges related to your job search and marketing materials
  • Target job opportunities and requirements for finding your ideal role
  • In-depth overview of your employment history
  • Identification of your core skill sets, strengths, and attributes that create value to employers.
  • Definition of your unique marketing message(s)
  • Recommendations for additional services or resources to maximize your impact

THE DELIVERY: Approximate turnaround time is 5-7 business days following completion of the initial consultation call, at which point you will receive the initial drafts for all items. This includes the resume and cover letter in both PDF and (editable) Word formats, as well as a visual mockup of the LinkedIn profile.

THE REVISIONS PROCESS: You have the option to send your revisions via email or review them collaboratively in our post-delivery Coaching & Wrap-Up Call.

THE COACHING & WRAP-UP CALL: Upon delivery, we will schedule a time to connect for 30-45 minutes to review the documents, make changes, and finalize next steps. In addition to addressing revisions, we will also utilize this time as a mini-coaching call to address questions you have about your search, and provide additional strategies and recommendations to ensure you get the most value out of your new marketing portfolio.

WHAT NEXT? Working with BRS is a partnership, and we encourage our clients to reach out to us at any point during or after working together. Whether you found a new job and need to update your resume, want to tailor your cover letter to an exciting opportunity, or simply have questions, we are here to be your strategic and creative partners at all stages of your career.

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