Email Marketing Scripts

Free Download: Email Marketing Scripts

Good communication can make or break your chances at being considered for a position, or establishing a connection with a new contact. These templates include 15 email scripts that you can customize for submitting your resume, connecting on LinkedIn, and following up on job interviews. Each communication is expertly-drafted and designed to be easily tailored to the role, organization, or contact to whom you want to appeal. Download for free today!


  • Submitting your resume or application via email
  • Sending your resume to a referral contact
  • Submitting your resume as a general inquiry (versus a specific job post)
  • Drafting a letter of recommendation
  • Asking for a recommendation letter or endorsement on LinkedIn
  • Reaching out to a new contact
  • Requesting to connect on LinkedIn
  • Following up after submitting your resume or on a job application (formal and informal)
  • Following up on an interview (first, second, and final outreach)
  • Plus best practices for getting the most impact and return from your outreach

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