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Free Download: The Resume Summary Statement DIY Worksheet

Creating a strong resume summary statement encompasses your personal brand and sells your strengths, skills and experiences can make the difference between an effective and an ineffective resume. Your summary statement is the very first part of the resume that a potential employer will read. Always keep in mind that the end goal is to communicate clearly what your expertise is and why you are qualified for the position.

What you’ll find inside the Resume Summary Statement DIY workbook:

  • The purpose of a summary statement
  • Details about how a summary statement differs from an objective statement and cover letter
  • Example of a great summary statement
  • Step by step guide to building your own personal summary statement

Download my free worksheet to help you construct a compelling and effective resume summary statement. Plus, you can also utilize it for your LinkedIn profile and other social media and networking tools.

Career Summary Statement 3 | Brooklyn Resume Studio

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