How are you different from other resume writing services?

We are writers, storytellers, designers, and career experts, rolled up into one. The BRS team comes from a range of HR, recruiting, and career consulting backgrounds, and together brings years of expertise working with leading brands, corporations, agencies, and startups. Aside from knowing what to look for and what kind of language to use, we are very aware of what goes on in today’s job market from a hiring perspective. Communicating your skills and experience is no longer enough to get hired. As a candidate, you have to be able to create a compelling story around who you are, the value you bring to the table, and what distinguishes you from someone with a similar background.

Our work goes beyond asking a few questions and rewriting a document. It’s about understanding who you are as a person, your current challenges, your goals and interests for the next phase of your career, and how to create a cohesive brand message around the value (skills, experience, knowledge) that you bring to the table.

Working with BRS is a partnership. We make it a point to be available to clients for questions and feedback, and many of them continue to work with BRS in a number of capacities well after the first project.

And unlike most resume companies, we understand the importance of balancing attractive visual design with exceptional content, and offer custom branded design services in addition to resume writing and content development.

What kind of branded design services do you offer?

The resume isn’t the only component of your job search portfolio – it’s all about your presentation and personal brand. BRS works with a professional graphic designer to create fresh, creative, and attractive websites, infographics, logos, and business cards to complement your resume and other job search marketing materials. Learn More

How do we get started?

Contact us here to get started. The process begins with scheduling our initial kickoff call. Payment is required upfront for all projects, and is generally required within 24 hours of scheduling an appointment to confirm your spot. Once we have our initial call, average turnaround time for the first document is 5-6 business days.

Please note that we are available to schedule an initial call Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Evenings may be an option on certain days – please ask about our availability. Unfortunately, we cannot provide weekend appointments at this time.

What is your success rate?

Extremely high – over 99%. We have written resumes for over 1500 clients, and have had very few instances where a client was dissatisfied or requested a refund. We are always willing to work with you until you have a product that you are fully confident using, and that you feel reflects the value of your investment. Scroll down to read about our satisfaction guarantee. 

Do you work with people outside of New York?

Absolutely. We have worked with clients from across the US and Canada, as well as Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America. All services can be done remotely via email and phone.

How do you work with clients?

All work is done via phone and email. We conduct an in-depth initial phone consultation with every client to make sure we understand your background, your challenges, your interests, and what you’re targeting, so that we can create the best possible product for you. The final product is delivered via email, and you always have a chance to provide feedback and receive several rounds of revisions.

What kinds of clients do you work with?

We have written resumes for just about every industry, and for folks ranging from recent grads, to mid- and senior-level professionals, and executives with 20+ years of experience. We specialize in working with individuals who are navigating transition – including those re-entering the job market, moving out of self-employment, or changing careers – and welcome candidates from all backgrounds.

You talk a lot about “Personal Branding”. What is that?

Each person is a unique brand with value and appeal to the right audience. And Personal Branding is about approaching your career and your job search almost in the way that you would a business – understanding that you have something of value that, when marketed to the right audience, people are willing to pay for. Your skills, experience, education, knowledge, network of resources and other assets are worth good money, they have value. But it’s about packaging them together in an appealing way, communicating what that value is, understanding who you’re marketing it to, and ultimately how you can leverage all those things in a job or career that benefits both you and an organization mutually.

How much do you charge?

Please visit the services page to review our full pricing schedule. In most cases, prices are the same for all candidates with more than 5 years of professional experience (a junior-level option is available), and are the same whether you are working with an existing resume, or creating one from scratch.

Why don’t you charge based on experience level?

Defining experience level can often be a blurry line when you try to categorize years of experience into specific buckets such as “senior level”. Furthermore, many of our clients are aspiring career changers, which makes it challenging to price a resume based on years of experience alone.

I’m changing careers and need to reposition my experience. Do you work with career changers?

Absolutely. We have worked extensively with folks looking to transition industries, specializations, fields, and careers.

I need a resume ASAP. Do you offer rush service?

Rush service (2-3 business days) may be available for an additional $100 fee, contingent upon availability. Please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate.

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes. Our 60-Day Interview Guarantee ensures that you will see positive, and immediate results. We present a final product that reflects our knowledge and expertise, and that we believe to be the best solution for your situation. There are many variables in the job search process that are outside of our control. But we do guarantee that we will work with you through the revision process until we have a finalized products that meets your needs and makes you feel confident. In the rare event that a refund is requested, it will only be considered after the revisions process where multiple attempts to rework the document have been made.

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